The Deji Oluokun | RCVRY Masterclass
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The RCVRY (pronounced, Recovery) Photography Masterclass is an initiative birthed to create unicorns. Absolutely, the first of its kind!
The idea is simple- cultivate fresh talents and make creatives stand out.
Our first masterclass starts on the 21st of July, 2022, and it runs for 3 DAYS.

We have a lineup of a few of the most outstanding creatives in the industry that will shed light on what it takes to stand out and stay true to one’s craft, while also making good money off it.


*Start with what you have.

*Gather the right resources within your circle


Topics to discuss

  1. Fashion Photography: the game and the business
  2. Elements of a fashion shoot
  3. Mood boards- the blueprint concept
  4. Networking and building sustainable relationships 
  5. Practical Project 1- Fashion Shoot with Light Tubes
  6. Photo Deconstruction: A Sexy Black & White Portrait


*Positioning and clear distinctions

*Branding- decide on what you want to stand for

*Consistency is your power juice

*Create a niche market


Topics to discuss

  1. Every project is a chance to take on the world
  2. Styling your project the right way
  3. Colour Theory- Why colours are important in fashion photography 
  4. Colour styling and Grading
  5. Retouching: How to tell when to stop
  6. Practical Project 2- Hollywood Glam Inspired Photoshoot
  7. Photo Deconstruction: Water Editorial


*See yourself how you want your audience to see you

*No accidents allowed, few improvs maybe

*It is YOU against YOU out there


Topics to discuss

  1. Lighting: The fundamentals of lighting (Natural, hard and soft)
  2. Define your target audience/market and serve them
  3. Lookbook & Editorial Photography
  4. Staying true to your craft. Remember why you started
  5. Practical Project 3- Pop Art Fashion Photoshoot
  6. Photo Deconstruction: Lace GOBO Edgy Portrait