The Deji Oluokun | RCVRY
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The theme of this exhibition is “RCVRY” (pronounced, Recovery). It is a contemporary exhibition that is presented in three mediums; digital art, visual art and fashion photography.
This is my first solo exhibition.

The goal of this exhibition event is to increase awareness about digital art and fashion photography and its relevance to the younger generation and the field of modern art.

As a self-taught artist, it is my goal to encourage the world to embrace other forms of art; especially digital art. I also represent the younger generation of artists, who are changing the norm and giving a different perspective to modern art. Hence, the reason I have decided to host RCVRY.


I birthed this idea from people taking refuge in what they look like.

Beauty is the shield to many people’s self-doubt.


Seeing the world in colours has always been a thing of joy for me. Documenting happy memories means the world to me. The fantasy of a world where everything is layered in colours and all humans are free from the stressful life excites me so much.


Curried is themed after the beauty and uniqueness of a rainbow.

It’s art on a human canvas, literally.


Sicily, an island in Italy, is known for its colourful and vibrant outlook. It’s a “region of art” for me and “Sicily” is a piece that seeks an inspiration from the place.


Overthinking kills creativity.
“Sense VIII” shows what you do to your mind when you overthink in your creative process. It’s just like holding on to your brain in your hand because of the fear of letting go and exploring.

Join the tribe. There’s a lot more to see at the event!